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Product Description

Transform a drab piece of paper into a saucy surprise

Put origami’s ancient roots to good use

Become a master at folding paper into offensive shapes

Simple, step-by-step instructions are a breeze to follow

Hailing from origami wizard Master Sugoi


Master Sugoi’s origami normally features classical figures, animals, creatures, and design, but not this time.

Shapes include a variety of erotic body parts, including the astounding 3-D penis. Those who have mastered the technique can produce their own adult objects d’art, but the book’s simple, step-by-step instructions help even the creatively challenged to transform a drab piece of paper into a charming little naughty naughty.


Rustle up vaginas, penises, ropes, handcuffs, sperm and the like. There’s no better way to spice up nan’s 75th.


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Product Features:

A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-folding for Adults

128 pages


Measures approximately 23cm(W) x 17.9cm(H) x 0.9cm(D)


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