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Cooking With Beer


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Product Description

Unlock the full culinary power of this incredible ingredient

75 unbelievably delicious recipes using BEER!

Incorporates all style – IPAs, lagers, wheat beers, stouts etc.

Dishes for every occasion – lazy brunches to decadent deserts

Soon you’ll be replacing every single liquid with beer


If you’ve ever thought that beer was merely a Gastropub gimmick, casually sloshed in at the last minute to make a meal sound a little more impressive (steak and ale pie, beer-battered onion rings etc.) …think again.


Written by beer aficionado, Mark Dredge – this book emphatically proves that beer is actually one of the most versatile ingredients around and that it can have a profound influence in shaping the overall flavour of a dish. For example, Mark’s ‘Ultimate Beer Pizza’ recipe uses a black lager in the dough and tomato sauce – giving the dough a sweetened caramelised quality and adding an intense richness to the sauce.


This easy-to-follow hardback volume contains 75 mouth-watering recipes using just about every type of beer imaginable and catering for every culinary occasion – lazy brunches, wholesome main meals or even decadent deserts.


Just look at this lot:

Beer cured Bacon sandwiches

Lager and Lime Chicken Tacos

IPA and Honey Cornbread

Weissbier Frittata

Stout Chocolate Banana Pudding

Carrot Cake made with a Double IPA

If these sound like your flagon of tea, grab this book and you’ll be creating beer-infused feasts in no time.


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Product Features:

Discover the true versatility of beer as a cooking ingredient

Contains 75 delicious beer-infused recipes

Covers all styles of beer (lager, IPA, stout etc. etc.)

Written by Mark Dredge – unpretentious beer aficionado

Includes an open-ended section that specifically encourages experimentation


Measures approximately 20cm(W) x 25cm(H) x 2cm(D)


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