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Bucket of Doom


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Product Description

Card game meets storytelling with a sprinkling of black comedy

Escape from doom-laden scenarios with completely useless objects

Can you convince everyone that your daring escape plan is sound?

Monumental pink bucket packaging

Another instant classic from the creators of Linkee


Have you ever found yourself locked in the boot of an angry mobster’s limo, mere seconds from being cubed by a car-crusher, with only a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti® and some nipple tassels to free yourself? These are exactly the kind of spectacularly bad scenarios that you’re likely to encounter in Bucket of Doom.


First you read out one of the ‘Doom’ cards, for example:

You bungee jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. In mid-air you notice the rope is far too long

The car you and your spouse are driving conks out in a secluded lay-by. Aggressive doggers pound at the windows

Gangsters have forced you to smuggle drugs through Singapore airport and you’ve been busted with 2kgs up your bottom

Next you look at the 8 ‘Useless Objects’ cards at your disposal and take turns to reveal your elaborate escape plans. These objects could be anything from a ‘Prize-Winning Marrow’ or ‘Toilet Brush’ to a ‘Barry White CD’ or ‘Double-F Breast Implants’. But which do you choose?! And can you convince your fellow players that your daring scheme is watertight?


Finally, all the players vote on their favourite story and the best plan wins – it’s a game that rewards inventiveness, persuasive storytelling and outright absurdity.


The geniuses behind Linkee have created another instant classic, and unlike a lot of party games that get a bit samey after a few plays, Bucket of Doom just keeps on giving as you craft new and preposterous stories time and time again.


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Please Note:

Recommended for 3 or more players aged 16+

Product Features:

Monumental pink bucket packaging

70 doom-laden scenarios

200 completely useless objects

Games last between half an hour, and all night long

Endless combinations so the game always feels fresh

Funded by hundreds of fans on Kickstarter


Measures approximately 13.5cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 13.5cm(D)


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