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Animal Army Knife


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Product Description

7 useful tools with a little animal personality

Beautiful wooden body with quality stainless steel tools

Includes a knife, bottle-opener, file, screwdrivers and more

Flip-out legs allow it to stand up all by itself

Makes a Swiss Army Knife look like boring, cheap rubbish


Millions of years of evolution has resulted in certain animals being naturally well-equipped for performing highly technical tasks. For example, the river-dwelling Rhino is renowned for its bottle-opening prowess, the humble Hippo has always been good at stripping a wire and the mighty Giraffe is a pro when it comes to filing down a rough edge.

The Animal Multi Tool has mashed these three talented beasts together into one super-species and crammed them into a pocket-sized device. Flip out the four legs (each one a tool in its own right) and it’ll stand up all by itself. The full anatomy of this hybrid creature is as follows:

Rhino – Bottle Opener

Hippo – Wire Stripper

Giraffe – File

Front and hind legs – Punch, Flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver

Tail – Acts as a handy keyring/lanyard loop

Don’t worry, just like any self-respecting multi-tool it also includes a quality knife. We’re not entirely sure if it’s meant to be another animal though, it sort-of looks like a land-dwelling shark. We’ll let you make up your own mind.

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Please Note:

We say Giraffe, but it definitely looks like a Llama

Product Features:

At last, a genuinely attractive multi-tool

Includes 7 well-chosen and helpful tools dressed up as animals

Bottle opener, wire stripper, file, punch, flat head screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, knife

Small loop tail for a lanyard or keyring (not included) to go through

Perfectly pocket-sized


Measures approximately 6cm(W) x 2cm(H) x 2cm(D)


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